New Yorkers for Growth Endorses Andrew Russo
State Senate Candidate, 49th Senate District

NY's Leading Fiscally Conservative PAC Pledges Money and Support in Targeted State Senate Races

Andrew Russo

NEW YORK, NY-September 13...New Yorkers for Growth, the political action committee dedicated to bringing responsible fiscal policies back to New York State government, today announced that is has endorsed Andrew Russo for State Senate in the 49th Senate District.

"New York families can no longer afford to pay the price for irresponsible fiscal policy in Albany," said Liz Feld, New Yorkers for Growth spokesperson and the mayor of Larchmont, NY. "We need to begin electing fiscally responsible candidates - of either Party - who will advocate spending restraint and pro-growth business policies. New York State can turn itself around, but we need to begin electing candidates with the guts and foresight to do what's necessary to achieve that. New Yorkers for Growth is confident that Andrew Russo has what it takes to help move this state in the right direction."

"As an educator, artist, community activist and common sense fiscal conservative, Andrew Russo will bring a fresh perspective to the State Senate," said Nick Terzulli, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Growth. "It is a pleasure to endorse Andrew, and we look forward to his victory in November. After years of suffering under one of the most liberal tax-and-spend Albany incumbents, the taxpayers of Central New York need a reformer like Andrew to stand up for their interests, not the 'special' interests."

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New Yorkers for Growth (NYFG) is a non-partisan political action committee that supports candidates for office committed to returning sound fiscal practices to New York State government. For more information about New Yorkers for Growth, please visit:

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