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Closest Guess on Andrew Cuomo's WFP Explanation Wins

New York, NY-May 24...Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D) just got through explaining how he "will be taking on very powerful special interests" as New York's next governor, but he is reportedly poised to accept the nomination of the mother of all special interests, the so-called "Working Families Party (WFP)." Mr. Cuomo accepted the WFP line in 2006.

In anticipation of Mr. Cuomo's capitulation to the WFP, New Yorkers for Growth, a political action committee dedicated to bringing responsible fiscal policies back to New York State government, today announced that it will award $500* (contest rules below) to the person who most accurately guesses, in advance, the words Mr. Cuomo will employ in attempting to explain away his acceptance of the Über-special-interest WFP line.

Contest participants must complete the following statement for Mr. Cuomo: "I know I said I am running as a reformer, but I am accepting the special-interest WFP line because_________________________."

The WFP, which was founded by the radical political organization ACORN and a collection of union interests - and which is currently under investigation by the U.S. Attorney for multiple allegations of illegalities - exists to influence legislators to raise taxes and increase government spending in New York State. Even as New York faces imminent insolvency, the WFP is advocating higher state spending.

"You don't need 200 pages to answer a simple question: Will you run on the WFP line?", said former Larchmont Mayor and New Yorkers for Growth spokesman Liz Feld. "While Mr. Cuomo is talking the talk, and New Yorkers for Growth would like nothing more than to believe him, his promises will prove disingenuous the moment he agrees to be the WFP's standard-bearer in November. All the tough talk in the world means nothing, if, at the end of the day, Mr. Cuomo props up the very special interests that are bankrupting this state."

"We cannot imagine how Mr. Cuomo can possibly explain running as the WFP candidate after the speech he delivered on Saturday, so we decided to open it up to the public as a contest", said Nick Terzulli, Executive Director of the New Yorkers for Growth. "No matter what the Attorney General says, it will ring intrinsically hollow. But we are confident that Mr. Cuomo and his crack team of speech writers will come up something memorable."

The New York Post and the Daily News have both urged Mr. Cuomo to refuse the WFP line because of the Party's negative impact on New York State. The New York Post put it succinctly:

"By explicitly turning his back on the Working Families Party, Andrew Cuomo would be sending a powerful signal that he means to be that kind of reformer. And if he doesn't -- well, that would send a signal, too."


  1. Entrees must be emailed to info@newyorkersforgrowth.com before Mr. Cuomo caves into WFP pressure.
  2. Members of Mr. Cuomo's political team, including WFP members and WFP affiliates, are excluded from competing.
  3. A hooded panel of independent judges (to ensure safety from recrimination) will determine the winning entry.
  4. There will be only one winner. In the event of a tie, the first entry received will be declared the winner.
  5. "How dare you ask me; I'm Andrew Cuomo" has already been taken.

*$500 payment will be remitted by A new Yorkers for growth board member.

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